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UKAran Rezaee
UKAnthony Darke Devon

Pledging my support for you by joining your organiseation and upholding your manifesto. I am an ex chrsitian, so this organisation is one I wish to support in helping other people not feel intimidated if they choose to renounce their beliefs.

UKAndy IshaqLondon

I\'m Ex-Muslim / atheist, but I fear that if I openly announce that I do not believe in religion that I was brought up as then I will be killed or my family will be harmed.
Now that I have found CEMB which I did not know existed, I want to share how I feel.

UKAmjid Hasan

I\'m so glad to have found other people who feel and think the way I do. I was brought up a Muslim and went to a roman catholic school (bizarre!) but never really believed in any religion. I also didn\'t understand why a god who apparently loves you would encourage you to learn scripture by giving you a beating if you read it wrong as happened to me when I was 6 years old! Ridiculous. There are so many comments on the site that I have either personally experienced or am familiar with. I\'m glad to no longer be part of a Muslim community who are unable to understand or tolerate (despite what they say) others\' beliefs or opinions. To those who can think for themselves and want to feel free to express themselves but are still in those communities, particularly if faced with violence, I would say \'be strong and remember that there are many here who support you\'.

UKAmal Farah

I am originally from Somalia. I joined because it\'s about time we ex-Muslims came together and had our voices heard. To stand up and be counted.

UKAli Reza Golzari
UKAlice Adams

I have been appalled in recent years by the cowardly refusal to confront abuses perpetrated in the name of religion, particularly the oppression of women under Islam. I applaud the courage of the ex-Muslims on this site and strongly support your brave stand. I am an atheist and have never been religious. I believe that all people should be free to practise any religion or none, but only so long as they do not use it as a tool of oppression. I also believe that people should be free to criticize any religion.

UKAli Islami SedighLondon

My personal experiences with the brutal Islamic regime in Iran and my subsequent studies of Islam and other religions have led me to renounce it altogether. I want to be free to live my life without the threat of death over my head.

UKAryan MN

Coming from an Iranian heritage I have witnessed the destruction that Islam can cause to a flourishing nation. Islam as a religion was built on an offensive, violent and dictatorial foundation which is still being practiced today. Any religion should only be down to the individual to believe and not enforced on a whole nation provided it does not violate others right to live freely. \"Political Correctness\" has taken over the minds of western leaders for fear of trouble with Muslim communities, by allowing the government\'s scheme of \"Political Correctness\" to work we are allowing the archaic Islamists to carry on as they wish. Freedom and Democracy are wonderful things but like all privileges we have in the West; there has to be some limitations. To prescribe Islamist ideology is a violation to Democracy and Freedom as theocracy binds the nation by a boxed agenda and thus should never be allowed.
Fighting for the Freedom of Apostasy!

UKBehruz Bahari
UKBasel Hafez

I have always craved for a platform to voice my views on religion as someone - born into an environment dominated by a totalitarian ideology - who rejected that religion. I hope this forum will give me the chance to meet like-minded people and to cooperate with them in promoting our mutual beliefs.

UKBahram Soroush
UKBhavesh PatelBradford

I would like to join ex-muslim council as I am an ex hindu and atheist and oppose not only Islam, but the similar backward beliefs that a lot of people of other religions also follow. I am surrounded by religious and some backward religious people everyday where I live, mostly hindus and muslims, and am trying to find like minded Atheists and ex followers of any religion as I am not happy with muslims, hindus and christians. I have been called many insults, including both \'blashpemor\' and \'white\' by my parents and many others, and have a strong dislike for all religions, and I would like to be able join any atheist / ex religious councils / forums or discussion groups that I can find.

UKBadassbabHaywards Heath

I renounced religion over a decade ago (I\'m 27), my position is absolute, I\'ve freed myself from superstitious beliefs for the rest of my life and yet I feel I can\'t freely express how I wish to live my life due to the religious beliefs of my mother and her ilk. I\'m glad to see I\'m not alone and for this reason I would like to join for support and to support others.

UKAziz Rattansi

I was brought up as an Ismaili. At the age of about 11 or 12 I lost what little faith I had. Religion did not make much sense then and it makes even less sense now. I have never concealed my apostasy from friends and family, but seeing what a dim view Islam takes of apostates, people should make their apostasy more public. And what better way then joining the CEMB?


I have watched your conference with Mr Dawkins and liked it so much. I am an ex-Muslim and Turkish atheist living in London and I appreciate your work. Congratulations.

UKAsad Abbas

I first began to have doubts about the teachings of Islam at about the age of sixteen, living in Pakistan. I started to question why women had a low status and why poverty existed. How could a just Allah allow these injustices to exist? Because I had some distant relatives who were atheists I began to think of myself as one. It was, however, only after I came to the UK that I read some of the literature on the subject and became aware of the existence of atheist/humanist organisations. The Rushdie affair prompted me to become more active and I started to dream of, one day, belonging to an organisation like the Council of Ex-Muslims. I now dream of the day when Islam will no longer be such a destructive force, when it will belong exclusively to the private domain , when Political Islam will cease to exist and , above all , when people like me can , everywhere , openly and publicly state that they are atheists without the fear of discrimination , let alone of losing their lives.

UKDavid BrainIpswich

Faith and the sloppy self-indulgent thinking that goes along with it needs to be replaced by reason; the perverted logic of medieval religious thinking has no place in a 21st Century of mass communication and weapons of mass destruction. As a committed atheist and secularist, I commend your stance against religious mind-control, especially the militant Islamic version and applaud your bravery in risking the approbation (and worse) of your (ex)fellow believers.

UKChristopher WalkerLondon

Support your cause and I\'m inspired by your courage. Keep up the good work!

UKChris Lewis-JonesNottingham

I am a fine artist who explores evolving notions of cultural identity. I first became interested in Islam in the late 1970\'s, when I became passionately interested in Islamic architecture. I travelled to Morocco to photograph Moorish building styles and had a great time. I found the people (well, men actually, I didn\'t meet any women!) there to be both friendly and courteous. It wasn\'t until the following year that my generally positive impressions (of Islam) were challenged. Time and again I encountered men in political meetings who objected to the presence of women in such meetings or at social gatherings, would argue at length about the apparent inferiority of women. My English friends (white and black) would never have uttered such reactionary rubbish, so I began to appreciate the extent to which Islam needs to be reformed.


I think it is important that all people no matter who they are or where they are born have the right to renounce the lies and the falsehoods that were forced upon them in childhood and at any other point during their life time. I think it is disgusting that apostates of Islam can not openly declare their renunciation of the faith without the threat of reprisal, even from within their own families. I am not an ex-Muslim, I am however an antitheistic atheist and secular-humanist; and as a member of amnesty international I do what ever I can to support human rights. I believe the founding of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain is an important step towards breaking the stranglehold Islam has over its subservient supporters.

UKBruce John

I am just a common or garden Atheist myself, [never signed up to any religion], but your organisation looks as though it would be happy to include me as a member. I would like to join to show my support for any anti-religious endeavour by joining. I support anybody\'s right to believe whatever nonsense pleases them, but resent the Muslim assumption that I should respect any such belief. I reserve the right to criticise and pillory the absurdities of religious notions and consider it my duty to enlighten by so doing.


I have been living in Pakistan all my life. Living in a society of people with only a shallow enthusiasm and an ego bigger than anything else in the world just made a rational man like me an outcast. I have always tried to convince my family and friends about the political motivations of the bearded men. Memorizing two Arabic books is not at all what humans need. We need peace understanding intermingling across nations. While these mullahs have made me an antisocial to the world. I renounced their teachings and am a free man. It\'s a tough road with family frowning upon you but free souls like me can\'t take no shit. :). I live in UK now and find it very harmonious to my beliefs.


I\'m so glad that former muslims are having the courage to not only speak out against islam but to form an organisation to show that noone who wants to leave islam is alone.

UKBen Good

I\'ve always been atheist, and am compelled to join this particular organisation because of the very nature of radicalist Islam and its hugely negative impact on world as a whole. I do however feel this about all religions, not just Islam.

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