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UKmona luqmanLondon

I am Mona Luqman, from a young age I was an aspiring Apologetic, my future was clear and was based entirely on Allah. My story is neither exciting neither is it life changing however it was for me. At the small age of 16 I was studying for a religious exam which were my GCSE's. The exam required me to know quotes for Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam obviously. We covered homosexuality, women, abortion, medical ethics etc. So I was obliged to read the Quran (along with other scriptures however as a Muslim the reading the Quran was not only for study purposes but it was feeding my imaan), what I read not only shocked me but had left me in doubt. I read about the treatment of women and the violent punishments, slavery and brutality towards other religions. I was sucked into the internet vortex, I read and I read and I watched. My faith was not only damaged but so was my identity, without Islam I am no one (as I was taught to believe). I shoved it to the back of my mind and told myself I would validate all things considered wrong in Islam, I had to in order to restore my faith. A week later I had 7 pages of scientific errors in the Quran, I had not even reached Historical errors. I came up with a criteria that in order for any religion to be the word of God, it had to be scientifically correct, historically correct and morally correct. If at any point any of these foundations were contradicted I would leave Islam or the religion in question. I have composed 66 scientific errors in the Quran alone each with 1+ quotes to back it up, (if you want them I could email them to you) I had no choice but to leave Islam. I refused to follow a religion so blatantly incorrect and against basic scientific knowledge which as a 16 year old even I knew about. I followed the same criteria (scientific, historical and moral) for Christianity, the same results however I did not go into the same depth as what I found in the Bible such as slavery and genocide (again I could give you these verses) were enough for me to say no. I studied science and am now a proud yet secret atheist. I live my life as a Muslim who hates God and hates religion, it has no place in society today and God's planet is not perfect but flawed immensely by suffering to the innocent. I plan to come out Atheist on my 18th Birthday.
Again my story is neither exciting nor life changing but for me it changed the foundations of my purpose in life.
Thank you for reading
Mona Luqman

Internationalabdul Rahman alnafourySyria

I'm an ex-Muslim I'm atheist now
I'm 20 years old
i left Islam after i believe it's a big lie and after that I'm really scary of still in Syria I'm alone here and
I'm here to see if someone can help me

UKRaz ShahLondon

I am an ex Muslim and have been for many years. It would be nice to meet with others who are like me.

UKAbdi AhmedLondon

I find Islam to be a satanic evil and uncomfortable religion and I want to find some ways of leaving the religion one day and I want to experience a free life style of no religion.

UKSimon WebsterRugeley

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of the organisation for you. Any background information would be useful.

I was brought up in a Christian environment, I attended Sunday school etc. However as I got older and through education, especially science I understood that there could be no God. The more I learnt the clearer this revelation became, it is clear that all religions are man made intended as a device to control and to me have no place in an intelligent society. It was easy for me to say to family and friends I am an atheist, I had little in the way of rebuke and certainly no death threats. I'm appalled, shocked and saddened that ex Muslims cannot so easily take this same route without actual fear for their lives. we need to do more to help everyone who chooses to live without oppression of religion.

InternationalMessaoud HaddadJijel

i am 29 years old ,i was ex muslim praying and reading curan every single day for many years .i start looking for the truth since i was 16 or 17 years old .i was always say is that true ? That there is a god punish us for mistakes ? if the god is great and have every thing ,so what is the purpes of creat eart in an illimited univer and creat peaple to pray for him ,by the time i looking for the ressourses and true stories about mohammad and the islamic history ,and i find that this is not what we learn in school ,its completly deferent ,they teached us that mohammad is somme one higher than every thing else on the planet ,the true story is defferent ,i knew that mohammad was doing sex with slaves women ,and make it halal in the curan ,he take the wife from his adopted sone and curan said that too ,curan say that every one on eart who not believe in mohammad message should killed ,if that was in the curan from the beginning ,so daach is not using the curan in the wrong way ,this is the true face of islam ,i totally refuse the curan and mohammad and islam and every religion on earth,that was a small exemple why i refuse religion .i decide to enjoy this council to tell my opinions and share the point of view with other people like me ,because to be atheist in algeria or any islamic country that means death ,i keep it in my heart , i hope to talke with any one else like me .

UKSajah SuaeedDudley

I wish to discredit the "First Caliph Scam" - Abu Bakr's confidence trick that promised paradise in return for military service.

Telephone is (+44) 07448 256745 - fields do not align


I've never felt so free until I chose to be an ex-muslim. Knocking those invisible walls down comes with its own set of challenges and being a part of CEMB gives me the confidence to stand up to those who try to bring me down.

UKAsayel AleneziSaad alabdullah

Hi , my name is Asayel and I'm 18 years old, i was an ex-Muslim sense high school, I studied at the Community school and I got a really great Degrees , in that age all what I want was going to the law college, but my parents won't let me saying that I'm going to get married as soon a I graduate from high school, at first i refused that, then my father threatened me that he can kill me whenever he wants and no one gonna ask him for an Explanation , cause as he said "the religion and my country laws are with him " and after weeks from crying and begging him to at least letting me continue my study, he said: you can go to a community college but you will lose your phone and you will have to wear a "abaya " and it's what old ladies wear. My parents are really strict with their religion, sometimes when I have questions about islam ,they Force me to stop asking saying that if I'm not a Muslim they can kill me to avoid the shame, I don't have any friends because I'm not allowed to have any. I really hate it here and sometimes I think if everyone else here have the same situation why they aren't doing anything about it. for the last few months, all what I was thinking about is that I wanna do something useful for the environment and help people around the world.
Thank you

InternationalAmir WaqasMunich

i am Pakistani abandoned Islam. Currently living in Germany.

UKJohn WayneBristol

Ex Muslim Somali atheist, looking for a community of like minded people.

InternationalKashish Ali

I I have leave Islam because I am human .

InternationalEzzedine El GhouziFnideq

I am an ex Muslim from Morocco...My family are very conservative Muslims...I created my arabic, anti-religious blog 19 months ago...I wrote more than 70 long articles and many other short ones...Since I live in a state where religious criticism is criminalised by law, I find that joining your "fortified" council would help me psychologically to continue the emancipational journey of 1000 miles...

My blog:

UKArya RazLondon

I am an British born Iranian and my family are religious Shia Muslims. I have told my mum and she told me to keep quiet. I left the religion at the end of 2015 but I have been struggling to come out. I am afraid that I will be bullied back into it and I don't want to risk my safety or the safety of my family when we go to Iran. I have been encouraged, by my atheist friends to speak up for the ex Muslims who are isolated and scared like myself. I feel that joining the Council of Ex-Muslims would be the best way to do this.
I am also an undergraduate studying Politics and international Relations, so naturally, I like to be active in voicing my opinions and gaining experience in the field of politics; I use various pseudonyms with several social media networks to express such opinions, regarding Islam, it's misogynist violent values and the apathetic passive nature of politicians towards Islam as a real threat.
By joining the Council of Ex-Muslims, I am hoping to be able to soon speak out in front of people and to spread awareness. I am interested in also becoming a volunteer/intern in the organisation to gain further experience in a field I am passion about.

UKStephen RiadyJakarta

I want to get rid broken heart feel from any religious activity

UKAbdul wali ZarmalwalIstanbul

I'm an ex-Muslim from afghanistan, I'm compainig for the rationalism throughout social networks. I& I'

UKAbdul OsmanLondon

As an ex muslim I am delighted to join your organisation and I hope to contribute over the near future. I strongly believe that we should take a stand and combat islamic extremism. P.S The entry fields particularly the phone field is excruciatingly painful that I had to try sending the message countless times. Please try to make it easier for people who are trying to contact you.

InternationalMd. AsadujjamanDhaka

I like to love, Peace, Spirituality, Humanity. I do not need Islam anymore.

InternationalHesham AttiehDubai

This is Hesham, i already replied back to you by email, and also i registered in the forum and waiting for the approval, now i wanna register in the membership also


Well, since my childhood I had lots of question regarding Allah, Muhammad and Qaran. The more I explore, I came to know that Islam is nothing but poorly copied from Judaism & Christianity. Then I denied to follow islam and become an Atheist.
Where is Allah? he never helped me. If I need to achieve everything by myself by hard work then what I will do with him? Why should I pray just to waste my time? There is no Allah, no haven or hell. Mr. Muhammad created islam and his holy book, just to brainwash his followers to control the city of Macca. He started the game of islam which is still on. As a modern human being, I have rejected all the ideas of religion. I only believe in humanity and want to lead my life as a good human beings.

InternationalKnowBeforeBelieve NKIndia

I was brought up in a muslim houselhold by parents who were what some people would consider "liberal muslims".

Over the years.....I have completely dettached myself as an person from Islam and consider myself agnostic,however, like a lot of them out there,I am yet to "come out of the closet" ?

InternationalAulia SASemarang

Indonesia secularism is in the edge of extinction. The radical and fundamentalist muslim just won the Jakarta election. In 2019 it's possible they'll win the presidential election and my life as an ex muslim atheist would be in a real danger.
I come here honestly to seek possible helps from fellow ex muslim atheist.

UKMahmud MohammadiLinköping

Jag heter Mahmud.
Jag kommer från Afghanistan.
Jag bor i Linköping, Sverige.

UKPhilosophical Wolf

I am an closet apostate and want to be apart of a community with like minded indaviduals.

UKMuhammad ZuberiLeeds

I have been questioning my faith for a number of years. I suppose by questioning I mean trying to find reasons to hold on to something. One doesn’t simply walk away from 28 years of belief. Alas it seems that there was very little to hold on to. I was born in Pakistan and although I didn’t come from an ultra-conservative Muslim family, religion played a very important part in our lives. It’s that tradition and a sense of belonging that I’ve tried to hold on to. Knowing that once I leave even if I don’t tell anyone, I will never truly belong to it.
My love of science is the reason why I questioned Islam. The religion hides under an intricate veil of self-justification. Although aspects of it have helped to champion scientific and mathematical research, I believe it has been held back in favour of religious theology. How can a religion move forward when it is so afraid of being critiqued? When it calls for people who question or leave it to be killed.
The hardest part is that although I am no longer sitting on the fence about where my belief lies, I know that I cannot truly come out as an Atheist because of my loved ones. The notion that my wife and parents believe that when we die, we will meet in heaven. Who am I to rob them of a thought that may bring them peace one day? It’s a lie, but a white lie and one that I will probably live for the rest of my life.
I just hope that my daughter doesn’t have the same feelings if she questions Islam. That somehow she is stronger, that she may be able to detach herself from the prison of religion. I hope she is able to live her life free from the weight of it. I will help her as she grows older to embrace that, but I will never enforce my belief on her. Even if it is a secret between father and daughter. Regardless of what she decides, I will love her always. If she does come out, I hope that she has more courage about it than her dad.
My reason to join is so we can understand just how many of us are out there. Ex Muslims who want to live in a world free of retaliation and contempt. I feel alone, and it’s good to know that I am not the only one who has chosen to walk away. It’s a platform for people like me who are absolute in their belief but I suppose for me, I am not yet strong enough to let anyone know. Contradictory, that maybe so.

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