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18 October 2016, central London by Kings Cross station, 19:00-21:00 hours
Evening drinks with Secular Activist Chris Moos on gender segregation at universities
The event will be held at our regular meet-up space near Kings Cross station on a Tuesday from now on. You need to register if you have not been to our events before by emailing [email protected] with your name and phone number. Entry can be paid at the door: £1 unwaged; £3 waged.

Asturian Cooperation for Development, Oviedo, Spain

Maryam will be debating Islam and women’s equality at the IX Meeting of Asturian Cooperation for Development to be held in Oviedo, Spain on 3 November 2016. This event is organised every two years in Asturias, promoted by CODOPA and organised by a working group consisting of various NGOs that works in Human Development issues. This year’s focus is Refugees and Migration.

Bristol University

Sadia Hameed will be speaking at event organised by Bristol International Affairs Society at Bristol University on 9 November after the screening of Deeyah Khan’s Islam’s Non Believers.

London Black Atheists

Imad Iddine Habib and Rayhana Sultan speak at a London Black Atheist event on Saturday 25th June on “We won’t fast: Defying fasting laws in North Africa”

Muslimish 2016 Annual Conference

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the Muslimish 2016 Annual Conference! The conference will be held on June 18, 2016, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (EDT) at the Pennsylvania Hotel – 401 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001. The full-day event will host many speakers and cover a wide range of topics, including Why Muslimish?, The Right to Dissent, Promoting Science, and Fighting Blasphemy Laws. If you are a pioneer of truth and believe in freedom of conscience for all human beings, this conference is for you!


In recent years, progressive Muslims, ex-Muslims, and even regular Muslims are finding less and less space to question the establishment and live according to their own conscience. One of the main objectives of Muslimish is to provide an environment that supports and fosters discussion, questioning, and free speech. Additionally, in a century marked by great scientific progress and advancements in human thought, blasphemy and apostasy are still illegal in many countries, with Muslim-majority countries accounting for 75% of all countries that outlaw blasphemy and 100% that outlaw apostasy! This is simply unacceptable and must be stopped!

Muslimish Mission Statement:

Create a safe, supportive, and open-minded environment for the exchange of thoughts and ideas among current and former Muslims, foster a pluralist society that respects the rights of all individuals to live according to their conscience, and strive to abolish blasphemy and apostasy laws across the globe.

The Conference:

Entry into the conference will begin at 9:00 AM (EDT). Bagels and coffee refreshments will be provided. The conference will also contain two breaks for lunch and dinner. Please visit Muslimish website to reserve your spot. We hope to see you there!

You can also sign up to the Facebook Event Page.

18 July 2016
Evening Drinks with lawyer Ana González on apostasy and asylum. Ana will go through the procedures and also provide one-on-one advice during the evening. E-mail [email protected] to register if this is the first time you will be attending our monthly London meetups – otherwise just show up.

Flashmob of apostates: “We need your Love”

1 July 2016
Flashmob of apostates: “We need your Love”.  To join, email [email protected]

Fast-defying during Ramadan

fast-defyinOn 24 June, from 12:00, we will be organising an “eat-in” at the Saudi, Iranian, Egyptian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Moroccan embassies in London in solidarity with those defying fasting rules during Ramadan. This is hugely important given that there are many people across the globe who are arrested, beaten and fined for eating during the month; many others are pressured into fasting, including in Europe. Join us at the ‘eat-in’ if you can.

Alternately, you can upload photos of yourself eating during fasting times or holding signs with messages of solidarity using hashtag: #IWillNotFast #لن_اصوم #روزه خوارى #Ramadan until the end of Ramadan. Happy fast-defiance!

To participate, join Facebook page or email [email protected]

Here is more information on the day:






“Mean Tweets party”

meantweets12 June 2016
“Mean Tweets party” – reading and filming mean tweets received by apostates. To join, email [email protected] or join Facebook Page.


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